A – Z of Autism: D is for Death

Wow, morbid, right? Well, that’s life. Or death. Huh.

There is, unfortunately, a lot of overlap between being autistic and death. Besides the obvious fact that all autistics, like all people, eventually die.

There is, unfortunately, a high percentage of autistics dying before their time.

The study link mentions suicide as a reason that autistics are dying early. After all, we often deal with other psychiatric disorders, and because of ableism we deal with extra stress with a dearth of resources to help us deal with it.

But y’know, I’d be super wrong to talk about the reasons autistics die without pointing a finger at non-autistics (Allistics).

Allistics really like to kill us. There’s a reason we have a disability day of mourning. Parents and caregivers in particular kill us, and then because they’re awful and so is society, they get off with a slap on the wrist. And then because there’s a legal precedent saying it’s fiiiine to kill us, more people do it and get away with it.

Cops like to kill us. Because we’re  scary when we’re trying to kill… ourselves. With knives. So they see our knives with their guns, and shoot us dead on a well check. (Google Kayden Clarke if you’re curious for just one example).

Allistics, again, like to kill us. Except they do it in a subtle manner. By trying to cure us. Or prevent us. And no, I don’t mean this in the kill-our-spirits kind of way. I mean they can literally kill us with dangerous cures (Magical Mineral Solution? Chelation? Weeiiiird diets?) and when they try to prevent us by not vaccinating us, they let us get things like whooping cough. And die.

And that’s allll before you tie in our high comorbidities with things that can kill us. Like epilepsy.

We’ve got way too many people and -isms trying to kill us before it comes to how our bodies try to do the job.

Autism is a deathfest.


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