A – Z of Autism: F is for Faeries

Oh boy, faeries already?

…okay, yes. I could’ve done faeries a long time ago if I would’ve kept up with these blog posts. At this point I have to do multiple posts a day to keep up!


Faeries excites me as a topic. As anyone within a 5 mile internet radius can tell, the fae are a recent special interest of mine. It mostly comes from hearing that the old myths around autistic/disabled children were that they were replacements for “normal”/”real” children sent by the fae. As in, you have a normal baby, and one day BAM it’s a changeling child, swapped out by a faerie.

I also just… like fantasy and stuff like that. Alas I’m still trying to remember to read fantasy novels, because as I’ve aged I’ve acquired issues with reading consistently, but I still love fantasy.

So that’s what faeries have to do with autism to me. They’re an autistic interest, and also something in my brain clicked and said “ALL autistics are MEMBERS OF THE FAE” and I ran with it.

I think that’s really important, actually. It’s important to control the narrative around you.

The current mainstream narrative on autism is cures and puzzles and sadness. It sucks. It’s a narrative fabricated by people who hate us for the eradication of Us.

So what about the Autistic narrative? The one of neurodiversityand activism? What if you made it go beyond fighting for our rights to exist and made it about fighting for our rights to have fun and enjoy being us?

(I’ll argue this is all already being done. By no means am I suggesting anything groundbreaking, or even new.)

I think faerie nonsense is the perfect way to expand the autistic narrative from functional activism to fun empowerment. It’s a way to say, “yeah, you can’t cure me, you can’t prevent me, I’m fine just how I am… because I’m a Cait Sidhe and I’ll turn into a cat and scratch up your puzzle piece rhetoric, or something.”

To own our lives, to own our narratives, is one thing.

It’s entirely something else to have fun with them.


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