A – Z of Autism 2017: B is for “But Why?”

“But why can’t we Light it up Blue?”

Because Light it Up Blue is a campaign by Autism Speaks, an anti-autistic group that only chose the color blue to reinforce the idea that boys are the Real Autistics.

“But why is Autism Speaks bad?”

Because they only just got Autistic people on their board. Because they want to cure Autism, even if they’ve stopped saying it outright.

“But why don’t you want us to cure People With Autism?”

Because Autistic People, like myself, don’t want to be cured.

“But why can’t the ones who are worse off be cured?”

There are no worse Autistics.

“But why can’t we cure them?”

Because if you removed the Autism there would be nothing left.

“But why can’t I just make them normal?”

Where would the normal come from? Conversion therapy doesn’t work.

“But why can’t we use ABA?”

I just said, conversion therapy doesn’t work.

“But why not?”

Because it hurts the person its applied to and all you get it a traumatized Autistic that can play “normal”.

“But why is that bad?”

There we go.


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