A – Z of Autism: E is for Endless

This goes out to all of the Autistics who spend more time fighting for their right to love puzzle piece rhetoric and the idea that they’re “high functioning”, more than they fight Autism Speaks, pathology, and paaaaarents.

My energy is endless.
I can do it all.
My possibilities, boundless;
I will never fall.

Except that I will,
Except that I do.
All this hate’s gonna kill,
Both me and then you.

But me first, I say,
Because I have the fight,
You can fight another day,
I still have the might.

And so I will,
And so I do,
And I’ve had my fill,
So where are you.

Are you waiting over there,
To tell them not to cure me?
Or curled up in your comfy chair,
Hoping that they won’t see?

My fight is endless,
And I can persist.
I can keep on standing,
I can make myself resist.

But I need you too.
I need you to listen.
Put down the blue,
Leave the puzzle prison.

Your functioning’s not high,
Those words pull me down low.
Why superiority, why?
When you won’t even go.

You won’t go to town,
On the ones who want us gone.
You hardly show a frown,
When they use you as a pawn.

But my fight is endless.
Yes, the fight is indeed.
But my power’s not boundless.
I, too, have a need.

A need for community, 
Which has my back.
I have no immunity.
Together, we must attack.

But you won’t,
Because I will,
But you don’t.
Can’t take the pill.

That they hate you.
They want us all dead
And you won’t tone them down,
You can’t even touch red.

I’m so alone,
And it all so much hurts.
I should have known,
You won’t even spare words.

My fight is endless,
But I can’t keep trying.
I’m tearing myself apart,
I want my chance at crying.

My fight will have its end,
So take the baton.
My own wounds I’ll tend.
Now carry the red banner on.


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