How dare you

(this post is a response to what I’ve been reading in Ivar Lovaas’s ME book, my currently private liveblog responses to which will be cataloged here tomorrow)

How dare you ask for love
When you have none to give
Unless Children can first perform for it
“Touch Nose” “Good!”

How dare you demand play
Under your rules
And deem their pleasure
A bizarre distraction

How dare you command a smile
But condemn a genuine laugh
Insist they find joy in their torment
While restricting how they show it

How dare you emphasize your needs
While capitalizing on theirs
You insist you need time off
They must always be on

How dare you say they manipulate you
You say their tantrums are communication
But not valid examples
And then you isolate, abuse, neglect until they show affection

How dare you use their bodies
Keep them hungry so food is a reward
Water, too.
Except when you need desperation.

How dare you talk about abuse
Like it’s therapeutic
And egregious examples
Like wastes of time at best

How dare you tire after your week
Of forty hours
And demand that a smaller human
Provide you with sixty

How dare you instill an idea into a society
That an entire cohort of people
Deserves all of this
And be called a hero

How dare you hurt these children
How dare you hurt these people
How dare you hurt my friends
How dare you hurt my people

How dare you take a person
Not someone who may become like a person
A person
And break them

How dare you take a heart
Ready to love
Only wanting yours
And break it.



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