Once again, I’m speechless

MAJOR TW: gory murder attempt on a child

It keeps being done to us.

A mother tried to behead her Autistic son with a bow saw.

Because she thought her Autistic children were a burden.

Because she was “overwhelmed”.

Let me tell you something.

Ableist murder is a burden. It burdens on my soul, it drags me down, it robs our community of uplifting love.

And ableist murder is overwhelming. It makes my heart rate flutter and panic responses shout. It makes me want to cry. It makes me want to throw things.

But it doesn’t make me take a bow saw to autism martyr moms. As much as they burden and overwhelm me, I recognize that nobody– NOBODY– deserves to be murdered. Certainly not by rough beheading.

Wish they could grant us the same.

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