Elaborated Humanity

I wanted to write an autism song today. I didn’t do that, though ideas bounced in my head all day. Instead I wrote this weird poem. I think it’s about language.


Your 504 and IEP

It’s all we are

So what are we?

I’ve never dealt with ADA

All I’ve got’s the OSA

That office overseeing

Student Access“Ability”

‘cause all they are able to see

Is how to coddle


Of those NTs, able-bodieds

Who want to make us

Able to be

All they are

That we cannot


Then SLP

Maybe OT Ought To

Be able to do


But all I am

And all I’ll be

Is letters and numbers


Until I get the IDEA

That I am me

and happy, see

To be Autistic

A spectrum with no “D”

Who doesn’t need

Autistic Conversion Therapy

And whose offices of Access

Don’t need condescending puns

But attitudes of self-advocacy

I do not

Have ASD

Need ABA

We’ll use these words

Some might write them

But I’ll do right by them

In fully elaborated